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Mrs Fenton

Mr Littlejohn
(Teaching Assistant)

Y6 Woolsthorpe Manor

On Tuesday, Y6 had an amazing day at Woolsthorpe Manor, the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton. They had an informative tour around…

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Y6 Refraction

In our latest science lesson, Y6 children investigated the effects of refraction – light bending through transparent materials of differing density. Mind-bending…

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WBD in Year 6

Y6 looked fantastic in their costumes as characters from ‘Holes’. We had everything from the camp mates to yellow-spotted lizards, with wardens,…

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Crucial Crew

This Thursday, Year 6 travelled to the Lifewise Centre, Rotherham as part of their Crucial Crew educational visit. They had an interactive…

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What Do Owls Eat?

After reading the class novel ‘Skellig’ and hearing about owl pellets, we decided to investigate for ourselves and see what was inside them.…

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Y6 Making History

The homework project for Autumn 1 was to present a project about something that happened during the same period of time as…

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Electric Moves in Y6!

Over the past few weeks, Year 6 have been creating moveable vehicles in their Design and Technology lessons. They have extended their…

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Let’s Get Ready to Crumble!

Y6 have been baking crumbles this week using apples from the school garden. After finding a suitable recipe, the children peeled chopped,…

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Recommended read!

Nichu recently recommended a story she thought other Y6 children would love to read. See her fabulous book review. Nichu book review presentation

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Autumn 1 Home Learning Booklet

Please find attached the overview of the home learning booklet. It contains the timetable, website links and details of the history project.…

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