Thornbridge Day 4 Group 2

Under the shining sun, another busy day unfolded at Thornbridge Outdoor for the Year 6 students. Despite their tired bodies, the enthusiasm was palpable as they continued to have a wonderful time, engaging in various team-building activities and embarking on thrilling adventures.


Group 2 embraced the scenic beauty surrounding Thornbridge Outdoor as they embarked on an unforgettable cycling experience along the picturesque Monsal Trail. Pedalling through lush landscapes and passing through awe-inspiring tunnels, they soaked in the breath-taking scenery while enjoying the invigorating exercise. In the afternoon, they made their way to Higger Tor, where they engaged in an exciting activity known as “weaselling in the rocks.” Scaling the rocky terrain, they navigated crevices and tunnels, showcasing their agility and problem-solving abilities.