Head’s Welcome

Head's Welcome

St Marie’s is a wonderfully welcoming Catholic school, where children from a wide variety of backgrounds come together to learn, grow and flourish in a supportive, nurturing community.

We are very proud of our school. It is one in which all members of staff, parents and carers, pupils and governors play a full part in building a community dedicated to the development of every child. We aim to offer pupils a range of exciting and intriguing opportunities that will provide them with an education of high quality, and a love of learning that will carry on into secondary school and adult life. We want our pupils to achieve the highest possible standards, in an atmosphere where they can enjoy their learning, so that they emerge satisfied and stimulated young people, curious for knowledge and eager for life.

St Marie’s joined St Clare’s Multi Academy Trust on 1st September 2022, one of two new Catholic trusts in the Diocese of Hallam. This was formed, in response to the vision of the Bishop of Hallam for all schools in the Diocese to be part of high achieving Catholic MATs with a strong moral purpose to deliver the best possible experiences for all pupils with a particular commitment to those who are most vulnerable. 


St Marie’s is a Christian community where the gospel values of truth, justice, love, peace and forgiveness are taught. These gospel values inspire and challenge us as we seek to ensure that they permeate all that we do in school. Prayer and worship are an important part of our daily school life. Through getting to know Jesus our children learn the importance of love and respect for all, and how these values are reflected in their own behaviour and attitudes.

We welcome visits to the school from prospective parents: It gives us a chance to celebrate what we are achieving! You can meet the children and staff and experience the real spirit and ethos that is St Marie’s School.

Mr John Fernandes, Head Teacher