Y6 Crucial Life Skills

Our Year 6 children had a fantastic activity filled day with Crucial Crew on Tuesday. They were given a ‘hands on’ experience in what to do in different scenarios and how to respond in emergency situations. They enjoyed sessions in areas such as fire safety, drug awareness, road safety, anti-social behaviour and water safety.  Read about each session below:

Water Safety!

Hey everyone, it’s Francesca and Daisy, and we’re super excited to tell you about our water safety adventure! So, we went to this park with a lake and a swing set. A firefighter talked to us about water safety, and it was awesome! He said there are lots of dangers, not just animals. Like, cold water shock, no life rings, rocks, and even poisonous algae! We played a game with a big poster, connecting lake problems to pictures with number stickers. Then, we did this cool scenario about a girl named Charlie and how we could save her using wellies, plastic bags, scarves, footballs, phones, and water bottles. It was so much fun, and we learned heaps about water safety!

Bus Adventure!

Hi! Harriet and Millie here. We learned all about bus safety and how important it is. Getting on and off the bus properly is a big deal! Plus, we found out about being respectful to others on the bus – like giving up seats for elderly, pregnant, and disabled people. Drawing on the bus or leaving gum is a no-no; it’s called vandalism. Let’s all be bus safety superstars!

Courtroom Drama!

We (Izzy and Lily A) want to tell you about our Crucial Crew adventure in a pretend courtroom. We got to play roles like the Court Usher, Defence Solicitor, and even the Offender! Did you know that at age ten, you can go to a a young offenders place if you’re in trouble? We acted out a story about a boy named Sam and his theft charge. It was like being in a real courtroom, and we learned so much about how things work!

Stopping Bullying with Chris, the CO-OP Hero!

Guess what happened at Crucial Crew? We faced scenarios about hate and knife crime, and it was quite scary! In a CO-OP store, a man named Chris in a wheelchair, and some bullies. Chris showed a knife to protect himself, but we learned it’s not the right way. We talked about carrying weapons like butter knives and how serious it is. Crucial Crew taught us a lot about being safe and knowing what’s right! Will and Pat A.

Arson Awareness

Hey everyone, Amy and Ellie here with an important lesson from Crucial Crew. We learned about the dangers of arson – setting things on fire is a big no-no! We acted out a scenario with teenagers, and they committed four crimes! Arson, trespassing, manslaughter, and vandalism – so many consequences! We found out that our actions have bigger consequences than we thought. Let’s be smart and safe!

Fire Safety Superheroes

When the smoke alarm beeps, guess what you should do? Hector and Ronan share their superhero tips for dealing with a house fire! Feel the door with the back of your hand, use your foot to check for smoke, and open the window shouting ‘fire help’! Crucial Crew taught us how to stay safe, and now we feel super prepared!

Cracking the Criminal Exploitation Code!

Imagine this – a bedroom, a boy named Bailey, and a bed full of stuff like money, train tickets, clothes, KFC, and even packages with drugs or weapons!

Next, we watched a video. It was about criminals pretending to be your friend, telling you to do stuff, and giving you things in return. But here’s the twist – once you do what they say, they kind of own you! If you say no, they might hurt you or worse! It’s a serious crime, and both the criminal and kids can get arrested for it. If this ever happens to you or someone you know, don’t hesitate – call 999! By Lily Grace and Nevaeh.

Road Safety Tips!

We learned many life skills, such as arson, fire, water safety and bus skills, but one of the most important was ……road safety and how to cross the road like a professional!

Here are the top rules we learned:

Rule #1: Wear something bright! Make sure your clothes are as bright as a rainbow, so drivers can spot you easily. Oh, and no hood up while crossing – you’ve got to see right and left!

Rule #2: Get rid of the earbuds and phone! Put them away so you can hear all those traffic noises. You might not see them, but hearing them is just as crucial.

Rule #3: Check, even when it says go! Before stepping onto the crossing, look right and left just to be sure. Safety first!

So, next time you’re crossing the road, remember – look right and left! Stay safe out there! By Emma.