Y6 Woolsthorpe Manor

On Tuesday, Y6 had an amazing day at Woolsthorpe Manor, the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton. They had an informative tour around his early home where he made many of his scientific discoveries. Furthermore, they saw the famous apple tree, which gave him inspiration for his theory of gravity when he observed an apple falling from it, and many of his etchings and annotations.

Additionally, they children attended two workshops to deepen their scientific knowledge and understanding. One was about forces and gravity, which demonstrated clearly that they have learnt and remembered a lot from previous years, and one about light and how we see things- their most recent topic.

In both workshops, the Woolsthorpe leaders were very impressed with the existing knowledge of the children and commented on how well they could answer questions and offer explanations.

The action-packed day concluded with the coach breaking down on the motorway! Fortunately another coach was dispatched and Y6 arrived back at school!