Thornbridge Day 2 Group 1

We are delighted to bring you the latest update from the Year 6 residential trip at Thornbridge Outdoors. Day 2 was filled with thrilling challenges and memorable experiences for all three groups. Here are the highlights:

Group 1: Group 1 began their day with an exciting problem-solving session with Mrs Woodcock, where they collaborated and put their critical thinking skills to the test. The children exhibited impressive teamwork and problem-solving abilities. Afterwards, they took on the challenging bouldering wall, fearlessly pushing their physical limits and conquering their fears. Following a satisfying sandwich lunch, Group 1 embarked on an exhilarating weaselling adventure at the picturesque Higger Tor. Scaling rocks and manoeuvring through narrow crevices, they embraced the spirit of exploration and marvelled at the natural beauty of their surroundings.

All three groups are safe, enthusiastic, and fully immersed in their Thornbridge Outdoors experience. They continue to learn, grow, and create lasting memories while developing valuable life skills.

Stay tuned for more updates as we delve into the exciting activities of Day 3, where new challenges and adventures await our courageous young adventurers!