Y6’s Inspiring Day at Woolsthorpe Manor

Today, Year 6 embarked on an unforgettable journey to Woolsthorpe Manor, the very birthplace of the renowned physicist and mathematician, Sir Isaac Newton. Led by expert guides from the National Trust, they delved into the history and scientific significance of this iconic location.

The day commenced with an enlightening tour around Newton’s early home, where many of his ground breaking scientific discoveries took root. The children explored the very rooms where Newton lived and worked, witnessing first-hand the environment that fostered his genius.

A highlight of the tour was encountering the legendary apple tree, immortalised in history for sparking Newton’s revolutionary theory of gravity. Unfortunately, the orchard was too wet to enter so they viewed the tree from a distance imagining the ‘apple falling from the tree’ scene that inspired one of the greatest scientific minds in history.

In addition to the tour, the children participated in two workshops. One workshop, focused on forces and gravity, echoing the very principles that led Newton to ponder the mysteries of the universe. The other workshop explored the fascinating realm of light, aligning perfectly with Year 6’s recent scientific studies.

Throughout the workshops, Woolsthorpe’s expert leaders were astounded by the children’s existing knowledge and enthusiasm for science. They commended the children for their insightful questions, thoughtful observations, and articulate explanations, showcasing the depth of their understanding and passion for learning. Well done Year 6! #superscientists