Thornbridge Day 2 Group 3

We are delighted to bring you the latest update from the Year 6 residential trip at Thornbridge Outdoors. Day 2 was filled with thrilling challenges and memorable experiences for all three groups. Here are the highlights:

Group 3: Group 3 embarked on an exciting cycling adventure on the Monsal Trail with Mr. F. They pedalled their way to Millers Dale, relishing the freedom of cycling and taking in the scenic views along the trail. At Millers Dale, they rewarded themselves with a well-earned treat of cake and refreshing drinks before cycling back for their lunch. In the afternoon, the children tackled the cargo net and the thrilling Sky Ropes, testing their physical abilities and overcoming their fears with determination and resilience.

All three groups are safe, enthusiastic, and fully immersed in their Thornbridge Outdoors experience. They continue to learn, grow, and create lasting memories while developing valuable life skills.

Stay tuned for more updates as we delve into the exciting activities of Day 3, where new challenges and adventures await our courageous young adventurers!