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Mrs Furniss

Year 3 (144)

Exciting Science in Y3

Today, Mrs Monaghan (Oliver’s mum) came to talk to the children about bones and muscles. She showed us skeleton parts, and she told us the names of several bones. She talked about the functions of the skeleton too. Did you know that a baby has more bones than an adult?

Mrs Monaghan also talked about how the muscles work, and she explained how they are attached to bones by tendons.

The children were then given the opportunity to complete jigsaws of bones, muscles and other inside body parts. They drew some pictures of bones by looking closely at them. They also measured some of their own body parts. What a busy morning we had!

World Book Day -Friday

We will celebrate World Book Day on Friday next week. The children have been asked to dress as a character from a favourite book. Please let your child bring to school the book they have chosen their character from. They will be able to talk to other children about this book and why they chose it. They will then complete activities related to their chosen character and book.

Simple, home-made costumes are often the best, so please don’t feel that you have to buy one.

Homework week ending 1.3.2019



The children have been given a sheet to revise conjunctions and prepositions. Please help your child to say other sentences using these word types to give additional practice.


Your child has been given a new spelling list. This week we have looked at words with the long vowel sound for a. The two graphemes we have looked at are ei and ey. Please help your child to remember which words are spelt with which grapheme.


Please continue to read regularly with your child at home. When they have read a few pages, please help them to summarise what they have read. This is an important skill to develop, and it will help the children to identify the key facts and information from what they have just read. Once they can do this well, they will be able to make effective notes when researching information.

Homework week ending 15.2.19



In science this half term, your child has been learning about different food groups. Please help them to complete a food diary for each day of the holiday. We have looked at food diaries for different adults in lessons to identify the number of fruits and vegetable portions eaten each day, and to calculate how much sugar they eat each day. Please help your child to identify the foods they eat that contain sugars. The NHS recommendation for children is no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day. The aim of this homework task isn’t to judge the diet of the children, but to make the children more informed about what they are eating. Hopefully, it will encourage them to make more healthy choices, and also help them to understand why adults limit their consumption of certain foods.


Please help your child to spell the words for week 6 from the spelling list. After the holiday, there will be a test of all the words from Spring 1.


Your child has been given a piece of paper of their choice with an illustration on. Using the information text from the reading comprehension, please encourage your child to write an information text about LS Lowry. Your child can also find information from other sources including the internet. Please discourage your child from copying whole chunks of text though. This text could include:

  • Headings
  • Questions and answers
  • Did you know…   fact boxes
  • Writing organised into paragraphs

Some of this work will be displayed at our Lowry gallery next half term.

Have a good holiday!

Homework week ending 8.2.19



Your child has been given a maths game to reinforce multiplication and division by 10 and 100. The instructions are on the game. They have also been given a division sheet for dividing by 10. These skills will form part of the maths assessment which the children will complete next week.


As part of our topic about the work of Lowry, we are hoping to create 3d pictures to help the children develop an understanding of perspective. Please help your child to create a building using an old box. We will arrange the buildings together to create a collaborative scene. The building could be a house, a row of terrace houses, a church, a factory, a tower block or any other building your child would like to make. If the box is turned inside out before your child begins to add details, it will be easier to decorate it. The size of the box could be as small as a box of tablets, or up to the size of a cereal box. Please encourage your child to add details to the model.


Please help your child to spell the words for week 5 from the spelling list. Once again, most children spelt all the words correctly for the spelling test.


The children are learning a dance in school to perform at Move Fest. The link below is the song that the children will be performing to, so the children can use this video link to practise the dance at home.

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