Year 3 Updates 22.9.23

We’ve had another busy week in Year 3!

This afternoon, children enjoyed choosing new books to read for pleasure. They have brought home their red reading records and were reminded to read regularly, each time recording the date and book title. They should bring their records and reading books back into school next Friday

In science this week, we have been exploring food labels as part of our science topic. We have been looking at how labels tell us about the amount of fat, salt, sugar and other nutrients in different foods and how they can help us to make healthy choices. Children know about what makes a balanced meal and they can talk about the difference between saturated fat and unsaturated fat. Ask your child what they have learnt so far in science and have fun exploring food labels at home!

This is a fun, interactive online game that children can play to remind themselves of the different food groups.  

In SPaG lessons, children have been leaning about proper nouns and how they must always have a capital letter! See how many proper nouns your child can spot around the home. 

Children have been securing their understanding of place value this week, particularly in 2-digit numbers. Today, we revised using the <, > and = symbols. If you have a 1-6 dice at home, ask your child to show you one of the fun games we have played in class this week!