Y3 Roman Day

Year 3 had a terrific Roman Day on Tuesday! It was great to see all the children looking terrific in a wide variety of wonderful Roman outfits. We played a variety of board games: Roman snap, Chariot racing, Gladiator challenge and Roman Trivia. We painted Mosaics, planned some luxurious Roman villas and worked together to build our own impressive amphitheatres. As legionaries, we practised marching and battle formations, using our own Roman shields.  

We thought about why we still remember the Romans and what they did for us. Children voted their best Roman legacy as education and the worst was wine. We finished the day with a wonderful Roman feast. We decided against stuffed dormouse and snails! Instead, we enjoyed Italian breads, olives, cheese, grapes, honey & dates. It was all washed down with some ‘Roman wine’. What a feast to round off a very exciting, enjoyable and educational day!