A Journey of Faith to Padley

On Tuesday, July 9th, our Year 6 children embarked on their annual pilgrimage to Padley Chapel, braving the elements to honour a longstanding tradition.

The weather forecast had predicted rain, and unfortunately, it was accurate! Despite the downpours, our resilient pupils made their way along the old Roman road, passing through Longshaw before descending into Padley Gorge.

Upon arrival at Padley, with rain still pouring, the children sought shelter inside the historic Chapel. As they dried off, they were enthralled by the tale of the Padley Martyrs, individuals who had courageously defended their faith amidst persecution. The weather forced a change in plans, leading to an impromptu Mass inside the Chapel instead of the usual outdoor service. The highlight was the Mass celebrated by Bishop Ralph, which brought a profound sense of reverence to the occasion.

As the rain finally subsided, the Year 6 children began their journey home. They walked to Grindleford, where they boarded the train to Sheffield, and finally caught the 120 bus back to school.

It was certainly a pilgrimage they won’t forget!