Magical Lamp Lights the Way!

On Thursday, the University of Sheffield Drama Studio came alive with the spectacular performances of our Theatre Club’s production of “Aladdin Trouble.” Both shows were a resounding success, showcasing the hard work and dedication of our talented children.

From the moment the curtains opened, it was clear that our performers had put their hearts and souls into this production. Each scene was filled with energy and captivating storytelling, bringing the enchanting world of Aladdin to life. The audience was treated to a delightful mix of drama, humour, and musical excellence.

A special thank you goes out to Mrs Grant and the entire Theatre Club team for putting on another perfect performance.

Additionally, we extend our gratitude to all the families and friends who attended the shows and supported our children. Your presence and encouragement made the evening even more special.

“Aladdin Trouble” was not just a showcase of our children’s talents, but also a testament to their hard work, determination, and the incredible sense of community at our school. We couldn’t be more proud of our performers and the fantastic shows they delivered.

Thank you once again to everyone who helped make this production possible and memorable. We can’t wait to see what our Theatre Club will bring to the stage next year!