Padley Pounce to Victory!

Congratulations to Padley, who won this year’s Reception and KS1 sports day, held at All Saints school this morning!

The children showed amazing teamwork and earned points for their teams in many different games. Their hard work and effort were fantastic to see.

Each class also got to join in exciting boys and girls sprint races. The children ran so fast, and their performances were incredible. We definitely saw some super speedy runners!

Today, we celebrated every child as a winner. The day was all about having fun, taking part, and learning new skills, not just about who won in the end.

We want to say a big thank you to all the parents and families who came to support and cheer for the children. 

A special thanks to all the staff members, especially Mrs Scott, who worked so hard to make the sports day a success. Thank you also to our fantastic All Saints Sports’ leaders who helped run the event. They were brilliant!

Congratulations again to Padley for their win, and to every child for their wonderful achievements. Let’s keep enjoying sports and stay active and fit for life!