Y1 to the rescue!

Today Y1 visited the National Emergency Services Museum. This term we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London and how the Fire Service has changed over time. We have also been learning about today’s emergency services. The children had a wonderful time exploring the museum. We looked at all of the fire engines and how the first ones were carts pulled by horses. We got to explore what the emergency services look like today, role play helping at an emergency, went on a Police Bike, saw and heard real life calls, tried on jackets and safety hats from all the Emergency services too. 

In the afternoon we had a workshop with Rosie. We saw what fire fighters wore in the 1700’s and compared it to today. We also role played putting out the Great fire of London by passing buckets. We saw lots of real life artefacts that we had learned about such as the Fire Marks. Lastly we went to visit the Police Cells and go in the vehicles. We loved seeing the huge RNLI boat, fire engines, police van and ambulances. 

Y1 had an extremely busy day but impressed all of the adults. It was wonderful to see how much the children had learned and how enthusiastic they are about learning even more. Well done Y1!