Y1 find out more about a day in the life of Farmer Fiona

This morning Year 1 joined in a live science lesson as part of British Science Week (11th–20th March 2022). The children joined (along with other KS1 classes from all over the country) to watch Farmer Fiona show us a day in her life on the farm. The children in science are currently learning about animals including humans so it was great to find out more. The children were able to find out more about the lambs and calves being born and how they were fed. Did you know calves from 3 months have a machine to feed them their formula? It even knows how much each calf has had! We then looked at some of the crops grown on the farm and how these are replanted for the following year. Farmer Fiona was busy busy planting pumpkin seeds already for Autumn 2024. We then looked at a tractor that was used on the farm. Well done Year 1 for listening so well and answering questions that Farmer Fiona asked us.