Conisbrough Castle

On Monday, Year 2 had a fabulous day visiting Conisbrough Castle in the beautiful sunshine.

When we arrived, we started with a workshop where we had had the opportunity to experience the daily life of the people who would have lived and worked at Conisbrough Castle. They investigated artefacts from the past, heard stories of the people who lived there and dressed in clothes similar to those that would have been worn.   

In the afternoon, we looked around the inner bailey and tried to imagine what the castle would have looked like when it was built 850 years ago. The children had to use their enquiry skills to identify the prison, the kitchen and the great hall.  

Afterwards, we climbed the steep steps to look inside the keep. We saw where Lord Hamelin and Lady Isabel’s rooms and chapel were. Finally, we went to the very top of the keep where we could see for miles!  

The children represented our school wonderfully and we were all very proud of them.