Fr. Paddy’s visit to Y1

This week was Y1’s turn to have a Priest to visit. Our last RE topic was all about Baptism so Fr. Paddy came to show us what he does at a Baptism. He showed us all of the things he needs when he celebrates a Baptism. He showed us his white stole, water (which he blesses), holy water, Bible (from which a reading a read), Oil of Chrism and Oil of catechumens, white candle, baptismal candle and a white garment. Fr. Paddy then baptised our baby (doll) who we named John. We had some children to be the parents and some to be the God parents. The rest of the children were in the congregation and joined in with the responses and the singing. Thank you to Fr. Paddy for showing us more about baptism and for answering our questions.