Chocolate umbrellas?

Last week in science we talked about would chocolate would be a good material for an umbrella? We thought it would melt in the sun but we were not sure if cold and warm water would melt the chocolate. Today we decided to investigate. We talked about how to be fair scientists. The children decided we needed to have the same amount of water and same amount of chocolate. We had cold water in one cup and hot water in the other. We then watched carefully to see what happened. It took quite a while so whilst we were waiting we decided to see how quickly chocolate would melt in our mouths. It was very tricky not to eat the chocolate but we found out the chocolate in our mouths melted faster than the chocolate in the cups. “Maybe it is because it is a smaller piece?” said one of the children. When we went back to the cups, we decided to tip the water out. When we put the chocolate on the paper towels we saw the one in hot water had melted. The one in cold water had melted a little around the outside but not in the middle. Someone picked it up to see if it had changed and said “it is more smooth and slimy”. We decided that chocolate would not make a very good material for umbrellas. “They would melt in your hands too!” said Year 1. Well done to the Y1 Super Scientists! 

Have a look at the pictures to see how we got on.