Real life Superhero – Rosa Parks

This week in Y1 we are learning about Rosa Parks. Today we learned about her not moving from her seat on the bus. We talked about how different life was for Rosa Parks compared to ours now. We learned about the segregation of people due to the colour of their skin. In the afternoon we had an activity to show us how it might have felt. We started off the afternoon talking about how our school makes things fair for everyone. Our activity started with half of the class having a bib to wear. Children with the bibs on got to sit on chairs with their water bottles and played on the MUGA for a few minutes. The other children sat on the bug rug and played on the playground. We talked about how this was like Rosa Parks feelings when she had to sit at the back of the bus and had to stand up for a white person when the bus was full. We then swapped over so everyone had a turn at wearing a bib. Look out for our newspaper articles later in the week to tell you more!