Y5 Eyam Residential

For Y5, the day started with plenty of excited children arriving at school with suitcases, walking boots and cakes! The Eyam adventure had started. Everyone had a cheery smile on their face, and they were all looking forward to the start of their first overnight school trip. 

After a quick registration and kit check, the children dragged their bags up the drive and packed them onto the coach for the half hour trip to Magpie Mine, a disused lead mine near the village of Sheldon. They spent the morning exploring the horse gin, gun powder house, captain’s house, mine shaft and hearing the local legend of the widow’s curse. There was time for sketching of the local landscape and great relief that the sun was starting to break though. Mr Delamere, once again, supported St Marie’s by sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge of Magpie Mine and the surrounding area. 

Y5 started their decent towards the village of Ashford-in-the-Water, stopping for a picnic on the way. They provided great entertainment for a herd of cows who peered at them from a neighbouring village as they munched on their sandwiches. Again, good fortune was with the class and the sun started shining. There was time for a play in the park and a game of football before climbing back on the coach, bound for Eyam. 

After ANOTHER drag of suitcases up the hill to the Youth Hostel from Eyam village, the excitement started to bubble again, and everyone was delighted to find out what their bedrooms looked like. Soon after, Y5 climbed further up the hill to Mompesson’s Well and enjoyed listening to ‘Kiss of Death’ read by Mrs Fenton. The class even found a historical message mentioned in the book in the small stream but decided it was best to leave it there. 

Teatime was a favourite for almost everyone and, after such a busy day, there were plenty of clean plates after pasta bolognaise and chocolate fudge cake – yum! Following that, the children went to the classroom for their evening activities including a crafting exercise with RAT PACKS! Thank you to Emma Walker for her tireless work in preparing a rat pack for every child. Everyone has made a beautiful souvenir to bring home with them on Friday. 

No residential in Eyam would be complete without the fabulous donations of cakes and cookies kindly donated by parents. Thank you everyone. This year was extra special with a birthday celebration for one of the children in Y5. After a candlelit bedtime story and short liturgy prepared and led by some of the class, everyone was ready for a good night’s sleep.  

Watch out for more updates tomorrow!