Eyam Day 2

More fabulous photos from day 2!

Our second day in Eyam followed our first night! Some of Y5 rose as early as the sun despite going to bed much later than the sunset! Mrs Twomey and Mrs Bellamy gently encouraged everyone back to bed to read their book until 7.15am before getting dressed and down for an 8am breakfast. 

Following a belly-full of sausages, Y5 prepared for a day in Eyam village starting with a visit to the church of St Lawrence and Eyam Museum to gather first-hand evidence of the time of the plague and how the villagers made decisions and sacrifices at this time. Everyone was incredibly respectful and well behaved, acting as true ambassadors of St Marie’s School. 

Everyone was delighted when it was time for lunch and a play in the park and some even enjoyed a quick game of football with Mr Grant with Mr Fernandes as the referee. Before long, it was time to continue with an afternoon of learning with the opportunity of further learning at Cutlet Delph, Merrill’s tomb, Lydgate graves and many other landmarks that help us to understand more about the unique history of the plague village. Before returning to the Youth Hostel for burger and chips, Y5 couldn’t resist ANOTHER play in the park! Why not!  

Evening activities included working with Hannah Lord from the Flying Fish Art Studio to create personalised metal embossed artwork, searching the grounds of Eyam Youth Hostel for ghosts and a splendid supper of cake, cake and more cake thanks to the kind donations of Y5 parents. Y5 worked brilliantly in teams battling the rain to crack the code. Well done Y5 for your resilience. The day ended with a candlelit liturgy prepared by some of the children in Y5 and a peaceful reflection of spending time with good friends.