KS1 Sports Day Winners

We are delighted to announce that Padley emerged as the champions of this year’s KS1 sports day, which took place at All Saints school this afternoon.

Throughout the event, the children demonstrated their incredible teamwork, earning points for their respective teams in a wide variety of team games. Their dedication and efforts were truly admirable.

As the scores were tallied, each class had the opportunity to participate in boys and girls sprint races, adding an exciting individual element to the overall competition. The children’s performances in these races were simply fabulous, showcasing their speed and determination. There were some super fast runners!

Today, every child was celebrated as a winner. The emphasis of the event was on enjoyment, participation, and the development of essential skills, rather than solely on the final results.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the parents and families who came out to support and cheer on all the children. Your presence and encouragement undoubtedly added to the vibrant atmosphere and made the day all the more special.

A special thank you goes to all the staff members who worked tirelessly in coordinating the sports day and ensuring its success, especially Miss Scriven. A special thank you to all our All Saints Sports’ leaders who help run the event too. They were fab!

Once again, congratulations to Padley for their victory, and to every participant for their remarkable achievements. Let us continue to foster a love for sports and celebrate keeping active and fit for life!