Safety Guide on TIKTOK for Parents

TikTok is a free social media platform that lets users create, share and watch short videos ranging anywhere from 15 seconds to 10 minutes in duration. The app gained notoriety for its viral dances, trends and celebrity cameos and can be a creative, fun platform for teens to enjoy. Now available in 75 languages, it has more than a billion active users worldwide (as of spring 2022) and is most popular with the under-16 age bracket. In fact, a 2022 Ofcom report found TikTok to be the most-used social media platform for posting content, particularly among young people aged 12 to 17.

In the guide, you’ll find tips on avoiding potential risks such as age-inappropriate content, dangerous challenges and contact with strangers.

Some Additional Parent Recommendations:

not using phones and mobile devices at the dinner table – talking as a family is very important for development
keeping screens out of the bedroom at bedtime
talking as a family about keeping safe online and about cyberbullying and what children should do if they are worried
not using phones when crossing a road or doing any other activity that requires a person’s full attention
making sure children take a break from screens every two hours by getting up and being active
policing their own use too – parents should give their children proper attention and quality family time and never assume they are happy for pictures to be shared
NO tech challenge! Play some games, do a jig-saw, have a conversation!

Where can parents go for help?

Safer Internet Centre –

Connect Safely –

Common Sense Media –

Think U Know (part of CEOP) –

Please ask Mr Fernandes at school if you need any further information or guidance.