Y1 National Emergency Services Museum

Congratulations to our Year 1 children, who visited the National Emergency Services Museum on Thursday. The children had a workshop with Rosie where they were able to learn even more about the Great Fire of London. We were able to try on uniforms that would have been worn from 1666 to 2023. We decided that the uniforms today are much safer to wear. We also practiced passing buckets down a line to put out a fire. We then were able to have a look around the old police cells and the vehicles. The children were able to go in the cells (which we thought were very cold and smelly). Did you know that children under 12 could be put in cells 100 years ago?

We loved being able to go inside the police vans, ambulances and fire engines. After lunch we met Jane, Samuel Pepys maid, who had woken up in 2023 and showed us around the Engine room and the Blitz exhibition. The children looked at fire engines and carts from hundreds of years ago up to today. The children were able to go inside some vehicles and try on some more uniforms that would have been worn.

Lastly, we explored the 3rd floor where we learned more about the emergency services we use today. This included the fire service, where we went inside a fire engine to go and help put out a fire; going on a police motor bike simulation to see what it was like to drive through the streets to help people; mountain rescue – practising our climbing skills on the climbing wall; and then trying on uniforms from the coast guard and rowing in a rowing boat.