Virtues to Live By

Published On: 13 May, 2022

Our next Virtue to live by is kindness. The children will already have an idea of how to live out this virtue but during these few weeks and through t...

Published On: 11 Mar, 2022

Our last virtue for the Spring Term is forgiveness. This virtues ties in nicely with our current liturgical season of Lent. Have a look at the attachm...

Published On: 21 Feb, 2022

Here is the next virtue. Love and Charity. Jesus told us to 'Love one another as I have loved you".  How can you show your love for others today? 

Published On: 04 Feb, 2022

Here is the second virtue of the Spring 1 half term. Have a look at the powerpoint to see the collective worship we will be taking part in within our ...

Published On: 03 Jan, 2022

Our first Virtue to live by for 2022 is Faith. During this virtue we will be reflecting on how faith strengthens our relationship with Jesus. We will ...

Published On: 06 Oct, 2021

Our second Virtue to live by is the virtue of 'Thankfulness'. During our class liturgies we will be listening to scripture from Matthew's Gospel. "In...

Published On: 25 Jun, 2021

Click on the powerpoint link to have find out more about the virtue of service. It will guide you through a liturgy that we are doing in each of the c...

Published On: 28 May, 2021

Click on the powerpoint to have a look at a liturgy that we are using in school. Have a think about how you show the virtue of honesty during the nex...

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