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Greek Day in Year 5

Today, the Year 5 children have enjoyed a Greek themed day. We have looked at the Greek alphabet and written our names in Greek, we drew a Minotaur and the children even solved an ancient Greek mystery! In the afternoon, the children enjoyed designing their own modern vases to show what life is like in 2020.

See below for some photographs of our day. The photographs of our completed Greek vases are below too!

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Year 5 Sponsored Run!

Last week, the Year 5 children ran two marathons (as a class) to raise money for our HSA! We also completed Christmas themed football and throwing games.

The children were absolutely fantastic and showed great determination and resilience. Some children even continued running extra laps afterwards too!

Well done Year 5!

Please see the photo gallery below to see some pictures of our afternoon.

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Paper Mache Planets!

Last term, the children learnt all about Earth and Space in Science. The children chose their favourite planet and created this planet out of paper mache. Please click on the photo gallery below to see the children hard at work and their finished planets.

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Building Greek Temples

As part of our Ancient Greece topic, we have been learning about Greek temples. The children have created their own Greek temples, which were designed around their favourite god, using art straws. The children then worked in groups to use the natural resources in our school woodland area to build Greek temples. Please click on the photo gallery below for pictures of the children building their temples! 

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