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Year 6 Published On: 17 Jun, 2022

Congratulations to all our Y6 children who had a fantastic week on their Thornbridge residential at ...

Year 6 Published On: 16 Jun, 2022

The Y6 took part in the Nightline activity on Wednesday evening. Lots of great teamwork and reciproc...

Year 6 Published On: 15 Jun, 2022

The Y6s challenged themselves on Tuesday and Wednesday on the cargo net and sky ropes. They were sup...

Year 6 Published On: 14 Jun, 2022

As low as the low ropes! Check out the photos from Day 1 and Day 2 on the low ropes!

Year 6 Published On: 14 Jun, 2022

Lots of fun and wet children canoeing yesterday and today at Combs Reservoir! Check out all the ph...

Year 6 Published On: 14 Jun, 2022

The first day ended with a long and beautiful walk down the Monsal trial to Bakewell and some well d...

Year 6 Published On: 28 Mar, 2022

Year 6 have been busy in the school garden all week. Lots of preparation and tidying work has been c...

Year 6 Published On: 10 Jan, 2022

Here are the photographs from the visit to Liverpool last term. After visiting the Metropolitan cath...

Year 6 Published On: 21 Sep, 2021

Welcome to our new Year 6. We've got off to a great start and I'm looking forward to a fabulous year...

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