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Year 3 Published On: 16 Mar, 2023

Each week this term, Year 3 have worked in groups to participate in Parachute Games. These photos an...

Year 3 Published On: 15 Mar, 2023

On Monday, the Year 3 children went on an educational visit to Creswell Crags Museum and Pre-histori...

Year 3 Published On: 11 Nov, 2022

This afternoon Y3 went to the Crucible Theatre to a performance of Sir Scallywag and the Golden Unde...

Year 3 Published On: 21 Oct, 2022

Thank you to all the children who made their own rosary beads this month. Each one is unique. We lov...

Year 3 Published On: 21 Oct, 2022

Year 3 have told their teachers that they love to write so this afternoon we planned some time for t...

Year 3 Published On: 18 May, 2022

The children in Year 3 have been learning about volcanoes in their geography lessons...

Year 3 Published On: 28 Mar, 2022

Year 3 have been busy bees this week! Thursday started with learning partners creating a mind map of...

Year 3 Published On: 17 Mar, 2022

 Have a look at these photos which show Y3 taking soil samples, categorising soil usin...

Year 3 Published On: 04 Mar, 2022

Year 3 would like to thank everyone who brought in a book for the ‘Book Swap’. The children were...

Year 3 Published On: 24 Jan, 2022

In school, we have read the story, ‘Lubna and The Pebble’ about a refugee child who has no toys....

Year 3 Published On: 21 Jan, 2022

Y3 have been carefully observing, describing and comparing rocks as part of their new science learni...

Year 3 Published On: 07 Jan, 2022

In RE, this half term, we will explore the theme 'Journeys'.  We will begin with talk...

Year 3 Published On: 07 Jan, 2022

Our science topic this term is Rocks. The children will work scientifically by observ...

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