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Dear Parents and Carers

I write to you as we open St Clare Catholic Multi Academy Trust. What has kept everyone going through years of talking and a process that has at times been frustrating, are the opportunities we can see from closer collaboration between schools. It is really exciting to be able to get on with building our trust together, to turn the potential into something real which makes a positive difference for pupils and staff in every school.

As we do that, the aim is ‘business as usual’ for as many people as possible. Central to the mission of St Clare Trust is preserving the unique character and identity of each school community.

Our trust will be built around local leadership in schools, designed to support governors, heads and staff in schools to do their job by strengthening the way we work together. We will develop ways of working that help us to share the work of running schools, share ideas and work together on common challenges.

Feedback from governors, staff, students and parents will be central to our development. If you would like to understand more about St Clare Catholic Multi Academy Trust or get in touch with me or anyone in the central trust team, you can do that by visiting our website at,uk


I look forward to building on the strong relationships that already exist and getting to know your school even better.


Kind regards

Steve Davies

Interim CEO St Clare CMAT





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St. Marie's School is part of St Clare Catholic Multi Academy Trust, one of two Catholic trusts in the Diocese of Hallam.
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