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Mrs Fernandes

Mrs Furniss

Homework week ending 20.11.2020


Talk homework

This week the children have read an adventure story about a boy who defeats a group of bullies. In the story, the child enters an old shed which transforms into a beautiful palace when the door closes. The boy meets a character he needs to defeat in some way, and then he uses this power to defeat the bullies at the end of the story.

Next week the children will write their own story based on this format. They have drawn pictures of the shed and the place it will transform into, and they have started to think about the character they will need to defeat. Please talk to your child about their ideas for their own story. At this initial planning stage the children are encouraged to change their mind if they think of a better idea. The more they talk about the story, the clearer it will become in their mind. This means the children will be able to focus more on spelling, punctuation and sentence construction when they begin to write their stories.


Your child has been given a fortune teller with some spelling words on. We looked briefly at the words in class this week noting that the ou phoneme is represented with the letter a. We will complete some activities with these words next week, so any pre-learning of these words at home will benefit your child.


Please continue to read regularly with your child at home.

  • If you are sharing a fiction chapter story, please focus on the different settings in the story and what the author tells the reader about them.
  • If you are sharing a picture book, please help your child to look for extra information about the story that can be seen in the pictures but is not mentioned in the text. The children are becoming ‘detectives’ in school as they have been sharing the Anthony Browne stories. They have spotted lots of extra clues about the story and characters by discussing the pictures.
  • If you are sharing a non-fiction text, please help your child to identify main and sub-headings in the text. Try covering up the text below the headings. Can your child predict what they will be reading about by just reading the headings? Can they think of any vocabulary that will be used on the page from the headings? (By doing this, the children will find it easier to read tricky new topic words as the words will be fresh in their minds).
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