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Super Scientists

A huge thank you to the parents we have had come to talk to the Year 1 children over the last couple of weeks. The children have been extremely enthusiastic about our science topic – ‘animals and humans’. The parent talks have really made the learning come alive and the children have learnt so much...

Terrific Tool Use!

Children in Year 5 have been learning how to safely use hand saws to cut wood. Today, they worked outdoors in small groups and took it in turns to be the cutter, the wood holder, and the safety spotter, and they managed to saw circular slices of wood 'cookies'. When we have enough of these, we plan to use a special pyrography tool to burn numbers and letters into the wood 'cookies' for the Reception children to use in their learning. Have a look at their wonderful team work in the photographs below!

Perfect Partners in PE

Today in PE we have continued developing our gymnastics skills. We have learned all about balances, what they are, how to long to hold them and what our hands and feet should do too. Today we were practising some trickier balances with the help of a partner. We needed to work together as a team to make the balance work. Miss Healy was very impressed with what we could do by the end of the lesson. Maybe some of us will become Olympic gymnasts one day?

Potato Growing Challenge

The children in school have been busy planting potatoes as part of our whole school potato growing challenge. Each class has planted three chitted potatoes and we will all be digging them up in June. Each potato harvest will be weighed and the class with the heaviest harvest will be the winners! We hope to use all of the potatoes to make a delicious potato salad to serve as part of our school dinner. Good luck everyone!

Father Chris Visits Year 5H

Father Chris visited Year 5 KH today to talk to the children about how Jesus was tempted in the desert. The children asked many questions about being tempted and how to resist temptation. They also talked about their Lenten promises and asked Father Chris about his. He told us that we have to have strong reasons behind our Lenten promises in order to be committed and to be able to resist temptation. Although, he did tell us that we all give in sometimes and that's okay, as long as we say sorry to God and try again.

Writing Challenge

Our new writing challenge has been set today. To coincide with World Poetry Day on Tuesday 21st March, the challenge is to write a poem! The poem can be about whatever you like, but we'd like you to be creative with your language, and the poem's structure and form on the page.

It can be a rhyming poem, an acrostic poem, a haiku, or any other type of poem- it's up to you. Don't forget to use poetic techniques such as simles and metaphors.

Please bring in your poem by Wednesday 29th March, for those of you who would like to take part. Don’t forget Amazon Vouchers up for grabs for the best ones!

Transforming Our Outdoor Spaces!

We welcomed 8 volunteers from the University of Sheffield on Saturday to help us transform some of our outdoor spaces. They were taking part in the university's 'Give it a Go' project, and they spent the day in the rain digging rubble, moving logs, and clearing the woods, so that we can develop the space as a place for outdoor learning and play. It was a long, muddy, and tiring day, but we managed to get lots of work done with the help of our wonderful student volunteers. We look forward to spending more days transforming our outdoor spaces- hopefully when it's not so wet and muddy! Thanks again to the Give it a Go volunteers!

Michelangelo's in the making!

Today we learned about Michelangelo and his famous works. We learned that he painted the Sistene Chapel in Rome. We also learned that it took him 4 years! We decided to try out his method of working on his back to understand what it must have been like to paint a whole ceiling. We were sketching some famous places in Italy and we were really trying to look out for the shapes in the pictures to help us draw. What a hardworking set of children Y2 are!

Homework week ending 17.3.2017

Thank you to all the parents and friends who were able to come to our class assembly. This is a very special year for the children who will be making their First Holy Communion, and we will pray for them throughout their preparation.



Schofield and Sims books have been sent home again this week. Please return them by Wednesday to allow time for us to mark them.


Your child has been given a spelling sheet today. This week we have worked with er words from the Super Supper word list. There will be a spelling test of these words next week.

Talk homework

Over the next few weeks we will be considering what God means to each of us. This is a whole Diocese project and we will share ideas from the children both in school, and with the whole Diocese. The work will include artwork, poetry, lists, prayers or anything else the children wish to use to express their thoughts. Please discuss this topic as a family, and share ideas about what God means to you. There are no right or wrong answers and ideas can grow and change as the children reflect and share ideas with others.

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