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Goodbye Mr Warren

Mr Warren shared his last story with us this week when he made a special trip into school to say goodbye. The children listened attentively in assembly and then presented him with a specially made thank you card.

It was a lovely send off and thank you for the 28 years Mr Warren has been storytelling in our school. We are, of course, very happy for Mr Warren who has earned a long and happy retirement, but we are certainly going to miss his lively and unique gospel stories. As a school community, we would like to wish him a very happy and holy retirement.

Year 2 Visit Conisbrough Castle

The Year 2 children had a great time at Conisbrough Castle on Wednesday as part of their 'Castles, Knights and Dragons' topic. First, the children had the opportunity to dress up in medieval costumes and learnt about Lord Hamelin and Lady Isabel, who lived in the castle when it was built 850 years ago. Later, they explored the inside of the keep and even went to the very top! What great views! Afterwards, they looked around the inner bailey and found out what the different rooms were used for. What a fantastic day!

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