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Outdoor Learning (20)

Terrific Tool Use!

Children in Year 5 have been learning how to safely use hand saws to cut wood. Today, they worked outdoors in small groups and took it in turns to be the cutter, the wood holder, and the safety spotter, and they managed to saw circular slices of wood 'cookies'. When we have enough of these, we plan to use a special pyrography tool to burn numbers and letters into the wood 'cookies' for the Reception children to use in their learning. Have a look at their wonderful team work in the photographs below!

Potato Growing Challenge

The children in school have been busy planting potatoes as part of our whole school potato growing challenge. Each class has planted three chitted potatoes and we will all be digging them up in June. Each potato harvest will be weighed and the class with the heaviest harvest will be the winners! We hope to use all of the potatoes to make a delicious potato salad to serve as part of our school dinner. Good luck everyone!

Transforming Our Outdoor Spaces!

We welcomed 8 volunteers from the University of Sheffield on Saturday to help us transform some of our outdoor spaces. They were taking part in the university's 'Give it a Go' project, and they spent the day in the rain digging rubble, moving logs, and clearing the woods, so that we can develop the space as a place for outdoor learning and play. It was a long, muddy, and tiring day, but we managed to get lots of work done with the help of our wonderful student volunteers. We look forward to spending more days transforming our outdoor spaces- hopefully when it's not so wet and muddy! Thanks again to the Give it a Go volunteers!

Year 5KH are Fire Starters!

This afternoon, some of the children in Year 5 KH had a go at boiling water using a Kelly Kettle in the woods. They learnt how to use the kettle safely and they collected sticks for fuel. They watched as a small fire was lit in the base of the kettle and learnt how to feed the fire through the chimney. Unfortunately, our fire didn’t become hot enough to boil the water in the kettle to make hot chocolate, but there’s always next time! Check out the gallery of photos below.

Art in the Woods

As part of their investigation into Sheffield through the times, the children in Year 5 learnt about the famous Victorian artist John Ruskin. They learnt about how he encouraged many Sheffield locals during the industrial revolution to be inspired by the natural environment, often creating works of art based on nature and landscapes. The children worked in the woods to try and create their own works of art based on Ruskin's work. They used the natural resources in the woods to create sculptures, ornaments, decorations, structures and pictures. Have a look at the gallery below to see their wonderful natural artwork!

Fantastic Fire- Lighting in Year 5!

Thanks to our wonderful HSA, we have recently purchased equipment for children in our school to have the opportunity to learn fire-lighting skills, and the children in Year 5KH have recently had a go!

The children learnt about the fire triangle and discussed what they needed to create a fire. They understood that the fuel needed to be dry and they learnt about tinder, kindling and wood. The children were taught how to use knives safely to create their own piles of tinder to start the fire. They were also taught how to use fire strikers. It was a challenge to see who could keep their small fire alight for the longest! Have a look at the pictures below to see their work.

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