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Outdoor Learning (24)

Wonderful Whittling

If you went down to the woods on Tuesday, you would have found...teaching assistants learning how to whittle! As we are working hard to develop outdoor learning in our school, the teaching assistants had a training session on Tuesday and learnt the Forest School skill of whittling wood. They had a fabulous time exploring our woodland and trying out fun activities and skills that they will use in future outdoor learning sessions with the children!

Pyrography in Year 5

The children in Year 5 have had a go at pyrography today. Pyrography is the art of decorating wood by burning it with a special pyrography tool. The children used the tool to carefully burn numbers into slices of wood that they had cut in previous creative curriculum lessons. They had to concentrate very hard, but they got the hang of it! We'll be looking at burning letters of the alphabet into wood next time, and we hope to give the wood 'cookies' to the reception children.  

Faces in the woods

Today some of the Year 2 children (Eyam and Thornbridge) went into the woods with Mrs Fernandes.

They met at ‘Base Camp’ and looked at all the different trees around them. First the children talked to their friends about what sort of character each tree may have and gave reasons for their ideas.

Next the children used clay and natural objects from the floor of the woods to design a face on a tree of their choice. The children worked in pairs and really enjoyed talking to their partner about what they were jointly creating.

Finally they showed their faces to other pairs, which they were very excited about.

The children used some wonderful adjectives to describe the face they had created. See if you can spot some of them next time you’re in the woods.

Next Thursday the rest of Year 2 will have a turn to do be prepared for the great outdoors!

Teachers in the Woods!

The teachers had a great afternoon in the woods yesterday. They had a meeting in the sunshine and learnt some new ideas for outdoor learning activities, including using clay and Forest School tools. Outdoor learning is set to be a key feature of our school's curriculum! Next time you are in the woods, have a look and see if you can find the clay faces that the teachers made in the trees.

Terrific Tool Use!

Children in Year 5 have been learning how to safely use hand saws to cut wood. Today, they worked outdoors in small groups and took it in turns to be the cutter, the wood holder, and the safety spotter, and they managed to saw circular slices of wood 'cookies'. When we have enough of these, we plan to use a special pyrography tool to burn numbers and letters into the wood 'cookies' for the Reception children to use in their learning. Have a look at their wonderful team work in the photographs below!

Potato Growing Challenge

The children in school have been busy planting potatoes as part of our whole school potato growing challenge. Each class has planted three chitted potatoes and we will all be digging them up in June. Each potato harvest will be weighed and the class with the heaviest harvest will be the winners! We hope to use all of the potatoes to make a delicious potato salad to serve as part of our school dinner. Good luck everyone!

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