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School News

Blue Friday

 Today, on “Blue Friday”, our children said, ‘No to Bullying’ and came to school wearing something blue to support anti-bullying week. #ChooseKindness #ChooseRespect

Sheffield Football Treasures

On Thursday, some Year 6 children went to visit the 'Sheffield Football Treasures' exhibition at the Central Library in the city centre. Before that, each child had written a persuasive letter to Mr Fernandes to persuade him to allow them on the trip. It was a wonderful day and well worth the effort.

The children each had a photograph with the FA Cup, as well as a an informative talk by Gary who was employed to look after it on it's travels around the UK and abroad. He told them all about the history of the FA cup, how much it's worth and how the competition had grown form the first one in 1911, where only 15 teams entered! The children also saw lots of other football treasures, including the Clegg Shield, which is the oldest schools' football trophy in the world (first played in 1889!).

Going 4 Golds

Tonight at the KS1 Ball Skills event we were presented with our 4TH School Games Gold Award in a row. This award is based on our participation, competition, leadership and clubs. The children at St. Marie's love to be active and love to take part in all sorts of sporting and active events! Well done to all the children for being so active. Thank you to all the staff and parents who continually support us in being able to participate in so many events each year! Can we make it a 5th Gold year? 

Christmas Trees for School

Following the success of last year’s Christmas trees, we are again giving you the opportunity to buy a choice of Yorkshire Nordmann Christmas trees.
Simply pre-order the type of tree you want using the form (in files below), and then choose your tree from the selection in that category at the St Marie’s Winter Fair on Saturday 1st December – the first weekend of Advent.

Once you have made your choice, the tree will be wrapped for you to take home or, for a small additional charge, delivered to your home. This is an opportunity to buy your choice of a Premium Nordmann Christmas tree at a discount to the price you would normally pay while making a valuable contribution to your child’s school.

This year the HSA are raising money for the KS2 play area.

Please support us if you can and pass this on to family and friends too.

Little Way Week

This week we have reflected on Little Way Week. At lunchtime on Friday the KS2 children were invited to come and write down little ways in which they could make a big difference. This is what a little French girl did many years ago. She tried to be a good girl - she was kind to her sisters and worked hard at school, but sometimes she found that being good could be difficult. Thérèse made up her mind to try to do a good deed every day. She realised that just because she was little, it didn’t mean that her little actions couldn’t make a big difference. This was called her ‘little way’ and this little girl grew up to be Saint Thérèse’. Little Way Week is when we try to follow her example.


#Fast #Pray #Give

CAFOD’s Harvest fast day was again a success at St Marie’s. As part of their brighten up the harvest, everyone was encouraged to wear one item of bright clothing, along with their school uniform. This varied from rainbow wigs to colourful shoes and strange shirts (Did you see what Mr F was wearing!). Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Over 100 meals of soup were served – a magnificent total- giving us over £370 to donate to CAFOD. We also have many (56!) tins of soup/items of food to send to the Grace Food Bank. Thank you very much for your generosity! Thank you also to those who prepared, cooked and served the soup, especially the children who came in extra early this morning to help prepare the vegetables and make the soup! It was delicious! Today we really learned how other people live with less food and raised money for CAFOD. Thank you to everyone who helped to brighten up the harvest today!

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