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E-Safety (57)

Y5 ESafety

Year 5 have been learning about how to search the Internet safely and question the authenticity of what they see.

ESafety in Reception

Reception have been learning about how to use computers and the internet safely.

They have their own 'Smartie the Penguin' who reminds them that they should always ask an adult before using the Internet and to ask for help if they are unsure about anything they see!

Y4 E-safety

Year 4 have designed and produced posters to advise people how to keep their personal information safe.

Year 2 E-safety

Year 2 have been learrning about how to keep personal information safe and they are beginning to learn to identify the qualities which might make someone trustworthy. Most importantly, they have learned that if they are unsure whether it is safe to share personal information they should ask a trusted grown-up!

We watched a cartoon from 'Hector's World' and saw Hector and his friends try to decide whether they could trust the characters who were trying to persuade them to share their personal information on gaming websites. We designed posters to help Hector's friends to decide which characters were trustworthy and how to get help! 

Take a look at the attachments below to see some of the posters we made!

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