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E-Safety (57)

Esafety in Year 1

In Year One the children enjoyed watching " Hector's World" and designing  e safety posters on ESafety Day. We had  a key Stage One Assembly in which Mrs Waters told  a story about keeping safe on the internet. We also took part in a P4C  session  in which the children  explored the importance of  making sure that parent's are responsible for any photos uploaded and they monitor all websites visited by young people. 

E-Safety in Year 3

On 'Safer Internet Day', we learnt about the different ways that we can stay safe when using the internet. We watched some videos that explained how we can stay safe when we play games online and when we are browsing the internet. We had a go at creating passwords that nobody would guess and we learnt how to keep our personal information safe. We had a competition to see who could design the most informative, attractive and engaging e-safety poster- Hazel's winning design will be laminated and displayed in the computing suite!

Year 3 E Safety

The children have been learning about how to stay safe when using the Internet. They watched videos from The adventures of Kara, Winston and the Smart Crew and they discussed the important messages from these videos. The children in Y3F created E-Safety booklets with important pieces of information, and these have been displayed in the classroom to remind us all of the importance of the SMART rules.

Year 5 ESafety

Year 5 explored the importance of safety through a real world/cyber world task. The children were very well informed of what information they should and shouldn’t share in the cyber world. Y5 discussed things about themselves that they would not be happy to share with strangers in the real world and how these ‘rules’ don’t change when they are communicating on the internet.

Digital Parenting

A copy of James Garnett's presentation to parents can be dowloaded below. Thanks again to James for taking time out to talk about 'Digital Parenting'.

Esafety in Reception

This week at St Marie's we have been thinking about how to keep ourselves safe whilst using the internet.

In Key Stage One we had an assembly on Tuesday where the children listened to a story about 'Digiduck'. A duck who was having some trouble on the internet.

In class we have been looking at the school Key Stage One internet safety rules. Ask your children if they know how to keep themselves safe whilst online.

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