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Online Safety (62)

Whisper Online Safety concerns

If you have an online safety concern and would like to contact the school anonymously you can now click on the Whisper button to do so.

You can also click on the following link:


You  can also anonymously report issues  via SMS by texting    STM11 + your message to    078600 21584


 SWGfL Whisper is a reporting service offered by South West Grid for Learning as part of its BOOST suite of online safety services for schools. The service, hosted by the Grid, consists of a website button / link that launches an online dialogue-box to capture information or details for anyone who needs to report issues to the school. That information is then sent to an email address nominated by the school. It also comprises an alternative SMS service that uses a school specific number to send information. Both services can be regarded as anonymous if the user chooses to withhold their personal information.

Online Gaming information for parents

Online gaming

Remember that many online games for children have a social media element, which means that your child can message other users. Your child may be communicating with other children, or adults- online it is difficult to tell the difference.

For more information about how you can control what your child can access online and understand the risks, please see the following website :


'Be Kind Online' Poster Competition Winners!

Congratulations to Hannah (Y6), Lily (Y5), Hazel (Y4), Louis (Y3), Rose (Y2) and Jacob (Y1) who won prizes for their fabulous Esafety posters.

Click on the image gallery to see them all!

Esafety by Year 4

Year 4 performed their Esafety drama to the whole school to highlight how to be safe on the internet and reminded everyone of the SMART rules! Well done Y4SB.

Being Kind Online in Year 2!

Y2 were thinking about posting comments on photographs. We looked at a photo of One Direction and had a think about what we would write. We all had different opinions of 1D! We then discussed how we would feel if something not very nice was posted about a photo that we were in online. We decided that we wouldn't like it. Some people even went back and changed what they would write about One Direction. To practise writing nice things we had a go at writing compliments for each other. We all had a piece of paper with our names on and we went around each others papers writing compliments about each other. We then sat down and read them and discovered that these things made us feel really happy and put big smiles on our faces! We then thought how this is what we will think about when posting anything online.

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