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Online Safety (62)

Online Safety

Most children these days have regular access to the internet via PCs, games consoles and mobile technologies.  Whilst this instant communication offers fantastic opportunities for learning, it is our responsibility as adults to ensure we keep our children safe from any dangers or images that could upset them.

A copy of ‘Digital Parenting’ Magazine will be going home with children either today or early next week. A digital copy can be downloaded here. It is packed with very useful information on how to keep children safe online. As always, they have an updated guide to setting parental controls on apps and devices. It also includes information on digital resilience and film classification to protect children on their mobiles and tablets. Please take time to read the publication.

Snapchat Map Update

Please be aware that the app Snapchat has a new feature called 'Snap Map' which allows friends to view each other's location on a map, in a similar way to Google maps. This can allow people to pinpoint the exact location of your child. Please ensure that your child's location data is not shared by making sure that they do not give permission for location information to be shared with any app in 'settings' on their phone and in the app they can also hide their location by switching to 'ghost mode.'

For more information about how this new update works you can click on the following link:

Updated: A Parent's guide to WhatsApp

Information for parents about WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular aap amongst children because it is free and it enables children to exchange texts, photos and videos, as long as they have access to the internet. Messages can be sent to individuals or groups. Whatsaap does not store messages once they are delivered, but they can be stored on the phones of other users they are sent to.

What are the dangers of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is meant for users who are 13 or older, but it doesn’t enforce this age restriction and does not restrict adult content. This means that anyone who has your child’s contact information can potentially send them inappropriate content. In addition, children can be included in group chats without their consent and when in a group, everyone in the group then has access to their contact details. Through this sharing of their information, children can be contacted and groomed by online predators.

WhatsApp Safety

WhatsApp is not recommended for children, but if you do allow your child to use it we recommend that you customise their privacy settings by switching off WhatsApp’s GPS location feature and make sure that they know how to block and report anything which they are worried about. We strongly recommend that you check your child’s phone regularly to ensure their safety.

Safer Internet Celebration assembly

This afternoon, we celebrated and shared all the work which has been done during our 'Safer Internet Week.'

The 'Digital Buddies' led the assembly and began by asking the children to look at some pictures and decide whether they were 'real' or 'fake.' They showed how difficult it can be to work out what is real online and they also reminded children about the dangers of sharing their own photographs online.

Many thanks to all the children and teachers who shared their work- it was a great celebration.

What is Your Digital Footprint Like?

What impression do you give?

The children in Year 5KH have been exploring digital footprints during Safer Internet Week. They thought about what sorts of posts online might create a positive digital footprint and what sorts of posts might create a negative digital footprint, and they learnt that a digital footprint is permanent and can never be deleted. They understand that first impressions online count, and parents, friends, future employers and universities can make decisions based on what they see about you online. Have a look at the posts made below in the gallery- can you tell if they are contributing towards a negative or positive digital footprint?

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