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Safer Internet Week- Year 3 Post Comments 'Online'

This week in school, it is Safer Internet Week. The theme is 'Be Kind Online' and we decided to explore the world of online posting. The children have spent time exploring the idea of posting messages and comments on the internet and we discussed as a class what happens when comments are posted on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. A series of photographs of different people were put up around school and the children were given post-it notes. They were allowed to write comments on the post-it notes and post them underneath the pictures to simulate the action of posting a comment online. We read all of the comments that had been 'posted' and talked about how the person recieving these posts would feel. We also talked about the fact that it feels very different 'posting a comment' about someone online compared to saying something directly to the person.

Please talk to your child about what they have learnt and what they know about posting on social media websites or on games.


Last modified onThursday, 25 February 2016 20:13
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