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British Science Week at St Marie's

Featured British Science Week at St Marie's

As part of British Science Week, we have welcomed several visitors from Sheffield University to our school to present workshops and assemblies.

On Tuesday Y5 and 6 were set the task by Dr Claire Allen, of designing an environmentally friendly robot which could amongst other things, produce oxygen, clean up carbon dioxide, get energy from light, collect water and produce food. After many weird and wonderful design ideas, it was established that a tree could in fact do all these things! We were given several investigations to carry out involving plants and we will share the results when we have them.

Later that day Dr Charles Stirling presented an assembly to KS1 and Y's 3& 4 about everyday materials, both natural and man-made, and how they impact on our lives.

This afternoon Dr Martin Robinson delivered a presentation to Y6 children which was about climate change over 4.5 billion years. He explained how if the earth had existed for 24 hours, then humans would have been around for the last 1 minute 17 seconds! He explained about the origins of earthquakes and volcanoes and brought artefacts such as fossils and bits of meteorite to look at. Dr Robinson was very impressed by the excellent questions  he was asked by the children.

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