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Year 5 (17)

Y5 at Eyam Various

Year 5 on their recnt trip to Eyam.


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Y5 at Mompesson's Well - Eyam

Year 5 arrived at the Youth Hostel this morning, dumped their bags and head off up the hill towards Mompesson's well. The well, along with the boundary stone was used by the villagers of Eyam to exchange money for food with other villages during the Plague.

The children listen to a story called ‘The Kiss of Death’ by Malcom Rose and made a remarkable discovery in the stream there.

Afterwards, we headed back to the Youth Hostel stopping for lunch in a field overlooking Eyam and the beautiful country side.

Year 5 Homework Friday 20th September 2019

The children should have brought home a new Schofield and Sims English Skills booklet. We would like the children to complete one page of this and discuss the questions with you at home. This book will support their learning of various SPaG elements taught in school.

We would also like the children to complete one page of their Schofield and Sims Maths Skills booklets.

Homework should be handed in by Wednesday 25th September.


We are asking the children to bring in small bottles or jars for Eyam next week. We will be using these to store 'potions' as one of our activities. If you have any spare bottles or jars at home, please bring these in. 

Thank you. 

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