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Running Wild!

On Thursday 9th March, Year 5 went to see ‘Running Wild’ performed at the Lyceum Theatre. The performance was spectacular and it was a really memorable experience for all of the children. Here are some of the comments they wrote when we reflected on our trip on Friday morning:

I loved Running Wild! It was a master production and had EPIC puppetry! The whole show was amazing, but my favourite bit was when Oona and the tiger had a fight! (Michael, Y5KH)

In three words, I would describe it as emotional, touching, and extravagant. Thanks Michael Morpurgo, for writing this book. (Millie Y5BT)

I think the Running Wild performance was incredible and truly magical. The puppets were very realistic, especially Oona. (Isla Y5KH)

We didn’t know that palm oil was such a problem to our environment. I was in awe every second I watched the performance. It was full of creativity and thought. It makes me wonder how long it took to create the play. (Hazel Y5BT)

I really liked the scene with the tsunami and when she tells her mum to go to the beach. (Paddy Y5BT)

The Running Wild performance was so moving. My favourite part was when the tsunami took place. It made me lost for words! I hated Mr Anthony, but the man who played him brought him to life, complete with Aussie accent and all! (Natalie Y5BT)

It was really touching when Lily’s dad died so early on and the coffin was walked across the stage. (Rachel Y5KH)