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Year 4 (44)

Y4 Jorvik Trip

Yesterday, Year Four travelled to York to explore the different Jorvik exhibitions! The children got to see what life would have been like for the Vikings and saw lots of interesting artefacts from that period of time. The children also enjoyed a short ride, where they got to travel through a Viking village, and we even had a Viking coin made for our class.

After lunch, the children were able to act as archaeologists and dig up different artefacts and bones from various time periods.

We had a fantastic day! Thank you to all our parent helpers for their support.

Click the photo gallery below to see what we got up to in York!

Y4 Art Exhibition

During Arts Week, Y4 have continued to look at the Anglo- Saxons and the Vikings. We have made Anglo- Saxon villages, using our knowledge on what their houses were like to help us! We also made Viking longships and broaches and included Viking shields for decoration!
We have had an exciting week and got to share our work with the rest of the school on Friday afternoon during our Art Exhibition!

Please see the photo gallery below for some photos of our week.

Y4SB Visit to the Children's Media Playground

Last week, Year 4 took part in a special workshop in which they designed a city of the future. They were inspired by the work of a young boy from Syria who designed his own model of 'Future Aleppo'. As part of their workshop, the children recorded sounds which were added to their model using electric paint and sound buttons. It was also displayed in the Children's media exhibition.

Y4 Science Week: Designing shoes to cross a swamp

Y4 were challenged to design and test special shoes which could be used to cross a swamp, as part of the whole school Science Challenge. They decided to 'adapt' wellies and then test which ones were the most successful by measuring the amount of mud on the wellies after they had passed through the swamp.  The children worked in pairs to design their wellie adaptation and then tested how well each one worked by walking them through the swamp. To make the test as fair as possible, the same child was used and the same size wellies. The distance which the wellies were walked through the swamp was also kept the same and the height of the mud was measured in the same place on each boot. The only variable was the 'adaptation.'

All Year 4 had great fun designing their adaptations and testing them was a muddy affair, but interesting! All the adaptations performed well, but the winning prototype chosen was made by Ofure and Tia.


Click on the image gallery to see more pictures

Y4 at the Cathedral to celebrate Our Lady and Good Shepherd

Today Year 4 took part in a special liturgy to celebrate Our Lady's special month of May and the Good Shepherd appeal, which was held at St Marie's Cathedral. Year 4 celebrated with other primary and secondary schools from the diocese in what was a wonderfully prayerful and joyful celebration for all.

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