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Mrs Furniss

Year 3 (97)

Tell a Story Day in Y3KS

For National Tell a Story Day, the Year 3 children were lucky enough to have Beth, a fantastic storyteller, come in and share songs and magical stories with both classes. The children were then inspired to begin planning their own stories to share. These stories were about an alien, a pumpkin head, Rumpelstiltskin, Frankenstein, sea monsters that can control other animals, three girls who go on an adventure and a group of singers who wanted to win the BIGGEST X Factor trophy ever made! The children came up with some fantastic ideas and were inspired to write stories at home. If the children write any stories over the half term holiday, we would love them to bring their story in to share with the rest of the class.

See the photo gallery below.

Tell a Story Day

As it was National Tell a Story Day, we invited the storyteller, Beth Guiver, into school today to tell us some of her wonderful stories. This inspired the children to want to create their own stories. It was lovely to see and hear such enthusiasm around storytelling. I hope the children will continue to create stories at home to entertain you over the holiday.

Science investigation

We completed our topic about magnets and forces with an investigation to see if a magnetic force will travel through different materials. The children made predictions before the investigation, and they recorded their observations carefully.

RE Promises topic

Father came to school today to help us with our Come and See topic about Promises. He explained what happens at a Baptism, and he explained the symbolism of the words and actions used during a Baptismal service. Please talk to your child about their Baptism, and talk to them about who their Godparents are, and why they were chosen for this special role.

Y3 Street Dance

This afternoon, the Year 3 children took part in a Street Dance lesson. The children got to learn lots of new moves to different songs and showed off their skills.

We hope some of the children will be practising these at home!

See the gallery below to check out some of their moves!

Y3 Homework Friday 20th October


It has been lovely to see how many children are reading regularly at home. We have enjoyed reading some short summaries on what you have been reading. Please continue to return the red Reading Record to school by Wednesday of each week so your child can be given reward points for their reading. The children can now go to the library at lunchtime on Wednesday and swap their books with Mrs Kirkbride.


Schofield and Sims books have been given out again this week. Please return them to school by Wednesday to allow us time to mark the books in school. Your child will receive a reward point if they return the book in time to be marked. The children have been asked to complete just one page of the book. If you want your child to complete more than one page, please mark the page they have completed before they attempt the next page. This will ensure that any errors are identified and not repeated on the next page. It would be useful for our child to be given further examples of a question they did not get correct before moving on to a new page.


Your child has been tested on the Year 1 and 2 Common Exception words this week. A sheet has been sent home with your child. The highlighted words are the words that your child spelt incorrectly. Please practise these spellings at home to support your child’s learning in school.

Science (talk homework)

We are coming to the end of our topic on Forces and Magnets in Science. We ask that the children have a look at home for any objects that are magnetic and discuss what they have learnt with you this term.

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