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Mrs Furniss

Year 3 (145)

French Galette in Y3

There was great excitement in Y3 on Wednesday when the children played a game which involved eating French cake called Galette. Five children were lucky enough to find a fève (token in the form of a little toy) inside the galette and they were subsequently crowned kings and queens (les rois et les reines).  The kings and queens were then given the power to boss their friends around for the rest of the afternoon (in the nicest possible way!) Well done children. Félicitations les enfants!

Here is the video of the song we learnt before we are our galette:

See the photo gallery below for some pictures of our morning.

Happy Christmas!

Thank you to you all for your good wishes, cards and gifts this Christmas. It has been a very busy term, and your children have all worked extremely hard. We would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and we send you all our best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2019.

Mrs Furniss and Mrs Garnett

Party Time!

On Thursday afternoon we will be having a class party. This will consist of traditional party games in the classroom followed by some drinks and snacks. The children have made a long list of what they would like to have for the party buffet, and they have each selected something they would like to bring as their contribution to the party. If you would prefer to send something different from what your child has chosen, that is fine. I have explained to the children that parents get the final say in what they bring.

The children can bring a Christmas jumper or other party clothes to wear in the afternoon. They will be given time to change into these clothes at afternoon register time.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Mrs Furniss and Mrs Garnett


Science Rocks!

Today the children were investigating properties of rocks. They were given the task of finding out which rocks were the hardest and which were the softest. They also found out which rocks are permeable. The children helped to plan fair tests, and they recorded their results independently.

Homework week ending 7th December



Your child has been given a password for This is a site we use at school, and the children can also access grammar tests at home with their user name and password. Please keep the password safe as we will use this site at various times throughout the year. The test I have selected this week is conjunction types.


Please continue to read regularly with your child at home. In class we are reading bible stories associated with the Jesse Tree. If your child has a bible at home, it would be good if they could revisit the stories we have shared in class over the week.


This week we have been using mm, cm and metres to measure various objects. Your child has been given a few measuring tasks to complete at home. Also, please encourage your child to use a ruler or a tape measure to accurately measure items around the home. The children have been encouraged to make an estimate before measuring, and they have calculated the difference between the estimate and the actual length of objects.

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