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Miss Scriven

Mrs Furniss

Year 3 (81)

Y3 Homework Friday 20th April 2018

Schofield and Sims
The children should complete one page of their Schofield and Sims book and return their book to school by Wednesday 25th April. Please complete any corrections before beginning a new test.

Please continue to read regularly with your child. Reward points will be given to children who record what they have read in their reading diaries. Please ask your child to tell you about what they have read. This will help to ensure your child can understand the text they are reading.

During their morning work this week, the children have been looking at a long /a/ sound, spelt with /ei/ and /ey/. Please look through the workbooks with the children, complete any unfinished work and practise the spellings. The spellings are:

eight, eighth, eighty, weight, vein, veil, beige, sleigh, freight, neighbour

hey, they, obey, grey, purvey, whey, survey, convey, disobey and prey

We understand that many of these spellings are quite simple. However, the children need to revise the rules for the various graphemes and practise spellings these words correctly in their written work too.

Our new Science topic this term is, Light and Shadows. If you have any spare torches at home that you are happy to loan to Y3 this term, we would be very grateful.

Happy Easter from the Y3 Team

The children have not been set any homework for the Easter holidays. All we ask, is that the children read regularly and practise their times tables. However, please encourage your child to enter the writing challenge. See the newsletter for further details.

We hope they enjoy their time off and that you all have a fun and peaceful Easter.


From the Y3 Team

Homework week ending 23.3.18



Your child has been given a times table sheet to help them to learn the multiplication facts. Please fold the paper each time so no answers are visible. The answers are on the sheet for your child to check when they have completed one of the columns.

The test we have set this week covers most areas of the Y3 grammar curriculum. There is a lot of new grammar vocabulary introduced in Y3, so please work with your child to complete the test. This is a learning activity rather than an assessment.


Please continue to read regularly with your child. When they have read a chapter or a page of an information text, please ask your child to tell you about what they have read. This will help to ensure your child can understand the text they are reading.

Stone Age Topic Day in Y3!

Y3 went back in time to the Stone Age today!

The children came to school dressed as cave boys and girls!

Y3 had to build their own homes using natural resources from the school woods. They also created cave art, using the different animals that were around in the Stone Age as inspiration.

They also had a chance to dig up artefacts like archaeologists, to find items from the Stone Age and other times in history.

We had a brilliant day. Thank you to all the parents for the fantastic costumes that the children came to school in.


See the photo gallery below, to see what we got up to.

Unfortunate Nutritionists in Y3

On Friday afternoon, Y3 learnt all about what people ate in the Stone Age by searching through some poo from cave men and women! The children found hares, reindeers, various leaves, small seeds, small stones, and many other interesting food items.

See the photo gallery below to see the children’s reactions and what they found! 

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