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Mrs Armstrong

Mrs Furniss

Year 3 (51)

Homework week ending 10.1.2020


Happy New Year everyone!

Global Issues

This term we will be completing work in our Global Issues and History topics which will eventually lead to the question ‘Do we need all the things we keep buying?’ We have started by reading a story about a refugee family who had to leave their home in the middle of the night. We have discussed what we would take with us if we had to leave our homes.

Please help your child to make decisions about what they would take from their home if they could only take one small bag with them. Please let them pack the bag with the items they have chosen to see if they all fit in. The children could then make a list of the items they have put in their bag, draw the items, or they could take a photo of the items and email the photo to school.

My email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The children have done some research on the following website:

This site shows what homes are like in different parts of the world. We have looked at countries mentioned in our stories about refugees. Please encourage your child to use this website to compare homes in different parts of the world.


The children are working with the 3x and 4x tables in school. Over the next few weeks, please encourage your child to work through the following steps in order to become proficient with the number facts.

  1. count up in steps of these numbers 3,6,9,12,15 etc
  2. recite the times table in order 1x3 is 3, 2x3 is 6, 3x3 is 9 etc
  3. recite the table facts in a random order 6x3 is 18, 9x3 is 27 4x3 is 12 etc
  4. recite division facts for the times table 15 divided by 3 is 5, 21 divided by 3 is 7 etc


Year 3 are going to have a party in the classroom on Wednesday afternoon. The children can come to school in party clothes tomorrow. There will be fun and games and a few sweet treats to eat. The children do not need to bring anything for the party.

Homework for Christmas holiday


Christmas is a time to be with family and friends, to relax and to have fun. The children have not been set formal homework tasks for the last week of term and the holiday to allow them to have a well-deserved break.

Our Victorians topic is nearly over now, and we will begin a new topic in January. It would be lovely for the children to finish the topic at home with some Victorian activities. It may help them to appreciate how exciting the toys are in the 21st century.

Poor Victorian children received very little, if anything, for Christmas, and gifts they did receive would probably have been homemade items. These would have included peg dolls and aeroplanes made from pegs, skipping ropes made from old ropes, and paper windmills.

More fortunate children would have made items using embroidery and crochet skills, and they would have painted using watercolours.

I would love to see anything that the children choose to make over the Christmas holiday.


We would like to wish you all a very happy and restful holiday.

With love from the Year 3 team.

Homework week ending 6.12.19



The homework this week is to reinforce addition of 2 digit numbers and vocabulary for addition.

The first couple of sheets can be completed by partitioning the numbers into tens and ones before adding them, but your child can choose to use another method if they prefer. Please check the calculations with your child. I’ve found that children enjoy using a calculator to check their work.

When adding the numbers on the next two sheets, the three digit calculations can be done in any order. Can your child spot any doubles to add first, or are there any pairs that make a multiple of 10?


We have completed activities for the words in lists 1, 2 and 3 of the spelling sheet so far. See if your child can tell you what some of the words have in common (see the notes at the top of each column).

The test I have set is about sentence types. The children need to know which sentences are statements, commands, questions and exclamations. I have left the previous tests live too for the children who were unable to complete the tests so far.

Homework week ending 29.11.19


Talk homework

Please talk to your child about the trip to Abbeydale. The more they talk about it, the easier they will find the writing task. On Monday, the children will plan a recount of the trip, and on Tuesday they will write up the recount. The children will be encouraged to write in chronological order using time adverbs to link their ideas. These will include First of all,   after that,   in the afternoon… (see the sheet I have attached which the children will use as a word bank when they write their recount).

Please encourage your child to use conjunctions as they talk to you about the trip Eg

I enjoyed it when we……… because…    

The rooms in the cottages were very small so …

We tried to make some rope with straw and


Your child has been set tests on to practise adding a suffix to words, and to practise conjunction types. Some of the questions are quite tricky. Please help your child to complete the tests rather than them guessing the answers independently.


Please show your child the maths sheet attached. It gives examples of number sequences for the children to complete. Ask your child to explain what the next three numbers are and what the pattern is. After completing these sequences, challenge your child to think of sequences for you to complete.

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