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Mrs Furniss

Year 3 (144)

Roman afternoon in Y3

Today the children in year 3 had a fun afternoon pretending to be Roman citizens. First of all, they played several team games involving Roman numerals, jigsaws and information of what the Romans brought to Britain. This must have helped to build up an appetite for them all because they then ate a huge Roman feast of items including olives, grapes, celery, cabbage (yes- the children ate cabbage without needing encouragement!), bread and peppers. This was washed down nicely with a cup of juice. The children looked fabulous in their costumes. I have shared some photos with you all.

Home making in the woods


This morning, the children in Year 3 visited our school woodland area. They were given the task of working together to design and make a home of their choice for an animal or animals of their choice. I was surprised, but impressed, about how many children chose to build churches for the animals. It was a very enjoyable activity, and the children cooperated well together as they worked. See the photos for the end results.

Homework week ending 5.7.19

Next Friday we are going to have a Roman afternoon in school. Your child has been set a homework task of finding out what type of food the Romans would have eaten. They will then be able to help me to write a shopping list of suitable items. We will have a Roman feast, and the children will complete a variety of fun Roman activities. Please help your child to research what clothes were worn in Roman times. It would be great if the children could bring something to dress up in on Friday. Please don't feel obliged to buy anything new for your child to wear. Home made costumes from large t-shirts, bedsheets or pillow cases are often the best costumes if trimmed up with a belt or scarf.

Have a good weekend!


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