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Language of the Month

In May, our Language of the Month is Portuguese.

We welcome all parents/ carers who can speak Portuguese to come into school to teach us some phrases, read a story or perhaps talk to the children about Portuguese cultures and traditions. Here are a few simple words to speak at home:

hello - olá

good morning - bom dia

good afternoon - boa tarde

good bye – tchau

please - por favor‎

thank you - ‎obrigado

Please ask your child to model the correct pronunciation.


Portuguese Lessons in Y4 and Y6

Last week, Y4 and Y6 had an extra Portuguese lesson from one of our lovely parents. The children learnt some different phrases in Portuguese, including how to say numbers and members of their family.


Squash Superstars

The children in Year 4 have been attending squash lessons over the last two weeks and have learnt some great skills.

The children now know the basic rules in squash and have played lots of games against each other to practise.

See the photo gallery below to watch the children hit the ball against the wall to each other in a game of squash.

Lacrosse Legends

This term, some Y5 children have been attending lacrosse sessions on Wednesday mornings. They have learnt lots of new skills and have been practising catching a ball with a lacrosse stick, which is a lot harder than it looks!

The children have also enjoyed playing games against each other.

See the photo gallery below to see what some of the Y5 children have been up to.

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