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Homework week ending 13th March



Please continue to encourage your child to practise times tables skills with TTRockstars. I am very impressed with how many coins some children have managed to earn already. 


Please help your child to practise spelling number words by asking them to write 3 digit numbers eg if you say 375, your child should write three hundred and seventy-five (use a hyphen between the tens and the ones)


Please continue to read regularly with your child. Next week your child will complete a reading comprehension test and the results will be shared with you at the parent/teacher meeting in the near future.


I have sent another grammar test home for you to complete with your child in preparation for a grammar test in school next week. Again, the results will be discussed with you when we meet.

  • Published in Year 3

Y3 visit to Creswell Crags

On Monday Year 3 went to Creswell Crags to learn more about Stone Age times. It was an exciting day filled with lots of different activities including exploring a cave, assembling bones into skeletons, and learning basic survival skills which would have been needed thousands of years ago. Take a look at the photos to see what we did.

  • Published in Year 3
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